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Loadhog now available from MS Storage Direct

Date Added 06/08/2015

MS Storage are delighted pleased to announce the addition of Loadhog storage and transit solutions, including Attached Lid Containers, Pallet Lids and the innovative Pally, the pallet and dolly hybrid rollcage alternative.

The addition to the range of over 5000 industrial and commercial workplace products is in response to the rise in demand for even greater efficiencies across today’s supply chains.

The Loadhog range offers significant improvements in;

  • Space utility from double-stacking Pallet Lids and 10% improved footprint
  • Handling times with easy stacking, stowage, unloading and unpacking
  • Minimising environmental impact by eliminating the need for disposable packing and wraps
  • Extra security with load-securing ratchet strap and tamper-proof seal points

The versatility and simplicity of the Loadhog solutions mean they are ideal for a range of large-scale industry applications, and the Attached Lid Containers can be just as useful in an office, home or garage.

View the product range here

Loadhog now available from MS Storage Direct